Sunday 17 January 2021
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HOLLYWOOD – American Sniper director Clint Eastwood has been accused of being a Nazi after photographs of the young Clint dressed in a Wehrmacht uniform leaked onto the net.

The furor is only likely to add fuel to the fire of controversy currently raging around the octogenarian’s latest film and Oscar hopeful American Sniper which tells the story of a sniper who is American, but not Lee Harvey Oswald.

Documentarian and Fox News expert Michael Moore told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

Clint’s films have often played with right wing ideology. Dirty Harry was called a fascist by Pauline Kael among others, and although the original film retained some ambiguity, the later manifestations were more straightforwardly right wing fantasies. Now what these photographs apparently show is Clint Eastwood dressed as a German soldier circa 1943. In other words at the height of the Nazi Reich’s power. And from this draw what you may.

However, supporters of the Every Which Way But Loose star said that the photographs actually come from a film called Where Eagles Dare, in which Clint ‘played’ a Nazi. Moore was having none of it.

That’s just hair-splitting. Whether he was a Nazi or he played a Nazi in a film the important thing surely is that the word Nazi and the words Clint Eastwood have appeared in a sentence together. And that has to be worth something. I mean, where there’s smoke, surely there has to be fire?

But surely lots of actors have played Nazis, Malcolm McDowell, Ralph Fiennes, Max Von Sydow, Tom Cruise and Christoph Waltz have all donned the uniform.

It only goes to show how bad the problem is.

Clint Eastwood has so far refused to comment, as he was busy working on his new film Triumph of the American Will. 

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7 thoughts on “CLINT EASTWOOD ‘WAS A NAZI’

  1. Pssst

    Apparently Clint Eastwood owns the worlds largest private collection of Nazi uniforms. Lord knows why.

  2. Kenneth Yu

    I have to admit but this article was completely fraud. There is no way that Clint Eastwood was a National Socialist Aka Nazi. Beside, that NS uniform that he wore was from the movie called, “where eagle tied.” I say this article is highly a joke, and it’s trying to fool people minds. Don’t you ever mess with Clint Eastwood. He never been a socialist before. Jees Chad, stop being such a shepeople come on. Stop framing him please.

  3. H%

    Korea era draftee Eastwood has –balked– over half a century of
    milestones for the Rockefeller USURY – -RED China treason project
    key ‘Korean’ War.

    Do NOT fall for this long planted eye-con–job.


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