HOLLYWOOD – Veteran film actor and director, Clint Eastwood was arrested this morning at an IKEA store in Northern California.

Staff who witnessed ‘the man with no name’ star, said he appeared to be confused and Captain Arsens of the Carmel Sheriff’s Office said that Mr. Eastwood had made inappropriate comments and then actions to a POANG blond wood chair footstool combination with optional leather cushioning  which sells at the price of $89.
Staff were alerted by customers that the 82 year old was scaring children who in turn called the police when the Where Eagles Dare star refused to desist and became agitated.
Store Manager, Boris Offly, stated:
I knew he was Dirty Harry, but I didn’t know he was this dirty.
A spokesperson for Mr. Eastwood said the Invictus director had been behaving erratically recently, even going so far as to endorse ‘some Mormon or other’ for the US presidency.
Clint Eastwood’s new film Trouble with the Curve will be released later this month. Mr Eastwood himself should be released later today.
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  1. EASTWOOD has been slyly selling INTEL’s ‘men are pigs’
    demoralization project throughout his career.

    EASTWOOD has curated a number of INTEL RUN psy ops and hoaxes.

    EASTWOOD is –continuing– to ‘overlook’ the now 21st century
    determining – –
    ———- – – RED CHINA transfer treason – -‘uncomfortable’ – –
    —————————————————————— – – KOREAN WAR.

    EASTWOOD – – -is an on board – – – ‘EYE CON–job’ — – –

    And so – – — BASTA ! ! !

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