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HOLLYWOOD – Clancy Brown returns to his breakthrough role in Highlander spin off Old Kurgan.

Clancy Brown terrified in Shawkshank Redemption, amused as Mr Krabbs in Spongebob Squarepants and impressed in Carnival. But now he’s returning to his old role from Highlander: The Kurgan. We caught up with the veteran screen actor to talk about the new project.

Everybody knows that the Kurgan died at the end of Highlander. The first film. But we got together with the screenwriters and kind of asked the question: what if he didn’t?

But he got his head cut off.

Yes, but that’s where it gets interesting. We see the head kind of peel away but what if when it fell it rolled back and was still attached by the smallest thread of skin that it was almost invisible. Then McCloud leaves me in the rainy warehouse. And I reconstitute myself.

What happens next?

Up until that point the Kurgan has been an arrogant asshole. Just obnoxious but with this defeat at the hands of his enemy, he suffers a major setback. His whole worldview collapses and he takes a good long dive into depression and self-pity. We meet up with him years later. He’s got a shack near Venice Beach and he’s a bum. But inside he’s still the Kurgan and he feels the beginning of a new Gathering.


I know. But the Kurgan is a wiser, sadder, better person. He’s a vegan and an environmentalist and so he has to question quite deeply if he’s still comfortable with cutting people’s heads off.

Old Kurgan will be released in 2020.

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