It was confirmed today that the CIA will  be awarded a lifetime achievement award at the 85th Academy Awards (also popularly known as the Oscars) which will be dished out on the 24th of February, 2013. The award comes after a hugely successful year for the Intelligence Service which has been picking up award after award for its operatives. The New York Critics Circle gave Agent Bigelow a prize for her film Zero Dark Thirty, Agent Claire Danes and Special Agent Jessica Chastain both won awards at the Golden Globes earlier for their roles in respectively Homeland and Zero Dark Thirty

Another agency operative Ben Affleck has also gained critical recognition for Argo, in which Mr. Affleck plays a man wearing a beard.
Some are arguing that the announcement of the award is an attempt to free up the field for other films, but others counter that it represents changing attitudes to the CIA and that America has learned to love its spooks. Resident expert Xavier Poulis had this to say:

If you look at the past we have The Good Shepherd and Three Days of the Condor, films which are very critical of any intelligence service. But now everyone loves a spy. There is a sense of immense gratitude and the Oscar award is proof of that.

The flood of Hollywood counter intelligence seems set to continue with a new Transformers film due to start filming this year. 


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