LANGLEY – The CIA have issued a statement declaring that recently released documents on the WikiLeaks site are a fabrication.

“There is no Project Prometheus,” said a CIA spokesman.

These fake documents are an obvious attempt to undermine the integrity of the United States and we are currently undertaking an investigation into who provided these files to WikiLeaks.

The existence of Project Prometheus has been debated on the internet since 2012 when an anonymous individual posted the following message on the notorious 4Chan message board:

My name is Abu Ahmed. For the last six months I have been held in a CIA detention facility somewhere in the Yemen. On my first day I was taken into a screening room showing the Ridley Scott movie, Prometheus. At first I thought this was a kind gesture but after an hour, I realised I was being tortured and by the time the credits rolled, I was ready to confess to anything.

Over the next few years similar posts appeared on various message boards describing this new interrogation technique. One post in particular sent shockwaves throughout social media:

I heard about one guy that was forced to watch the deleted scenes. They say he hasn’t stopped screaming in three years.

Former war correspondent, John Pilger, condemned the senseless torture but he did admit that it was proving to be an effective tool against the war on terror:

I’ve spoken to several people on the ground in Syria and they are convinced that as soon as the Prometheus sequel hits cinemas, ISIS are going to throw down their weapons and run away.

Alien: Covenant is due 2017

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