HOLLYWOOD – Chuck Norris is to remake Dead Poets Society in the first movie to come out of the NRA Films Studio.

Action star Chuck Norris is to enter the classroom as John Keating in a remake of Dead Poets Society. Norris will take over the role of the inspirational teacher who was originally brought to life by Robin Williams in one of his finest performances. Chuck spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Exec about the role:

I love the movie and I think it is a classic. But is it perfect? No.

What do you intend to change?

Well, the first film is very much of its time. We’ll be updating it quite radically.

In what way?

In the first film, Robin inspired his students with a love of poetry and encouraged them to express their individuality and even rebel agaisnt the strictures of their time and the prejudices of their parents. In our version, I’ll be machine going sick psychos who are attacking the school in the name of the Black Lives Matter activists.

Wait, what?

And the iconic scene where they say ‘My Captain, My Captain’. That never made sense to me.

It was quote from Walt…

So I’m actually going to be a Delta Force Captain. See? Better already. Oh and we’re not reading poetry anymore.


We’re just defending the school against waves and waves of Islamic terrorists.

Dead Poets Society: Mission to Damascus will be released in 2019.

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