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LONDON – Interstellar director Christopher Nolan and brother Jonathan are to launch a new HBO show based on modern dress updates of William Shakespeare – a popular English playwright. ‘I’ve always loved Shakespeare and I’d like to see what his plays look like in new contexts,’ said The Dark Knight Rises director.

As much as Shakespeare was a good writer – a great one even – I think Jonathan has spruced him up a bit and come up with some genuinely original and interesting twists.

Here’s a quick guide to the show’s first four episodes.

  • Macbeth: Local small time gangster Jimmy Macbeth (Gary Oldman) has lost his ability to remember anything beyond twenty minute intervals. Manipulated by his bitch of a wife, he kills his boss and takes over as head of the criminal syndicate. 
  • Hamlet: University graduate Princeton Hamlet (Leonardo di Caprio) returns to his media tycoon father’s summer estate only to find his father dead and his uncle vigorously tupping his mother. There are twists and turns galore before Hamlet wakes up one morning and finds that it’s all a dream and he’s late for his Quantum Mechanics exam.
  • King Lear: Betrayed by his daughters, exiled from his kingdom, his best friends persecuted and blinded and killed, Jack ‘King’ Lear (Michael Caine) loses his mind, dresses up as a bat  and returns to his homeland where he is immediately caught and executed. Very dark. 
  • Much Ado About Nothing: It’s just a remake of Inception.
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