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HOLLYWOOD – Mad Men star Christina Hendricks has sensationally revealed a stockpile of tantalising personal photos of her magnificent jugs. The actress spoke to The Studio Exec about her decision to release these personal and candid snaps. 

Hey Christina, so what is so special about your jugs?

Well firstly it’s the sheer scale. No one in the industry has a set of jugs quite like mine. Or if they do they are fake. My set of jugs are completely real, and anyone is welcome to come up and hold them, touch and explore them to get a feeling of the beauty of their curves. I’m sorry, I’m just really into my jugs, hahaha.

That’s cool, I get it. I have to admit that since you made the pictures public, I’d love to hold just one of these jugs.

That’s great, that’s the response I’ve been getting from fans all over the world since I announced I was going to show the set. I had no idea there was this untapped demographic all around the world who have the same enthusiasm and passion for jugs that I do. I got this really sweet message from a young man in Japan who wants me to bring my set to Tokyo, he was really specific about how he wanted the set displayed and how he wanted to use them. I usually keep them wrapped up but this fellow was adamant that they be used practically, it’s really heartening that my jugs have this reach.

Are you worried that you might become synonymous purely with your jugs now? 

My jugs are just one aspect of what makes me interesting but I suppose I’ve always been drawn to them as a particular interest. In fact, the makers of Mad Men did a really sweet thing. You see, when you study the etymology of jugs, although the particular 15th Century origin of the word jugge or jubbe is unknown, the popularization of the word jug comes from alteration of the name Joan! My character name in Mad Men! So it’s great that the writers took the time to research and use this side of me to shape the character. But you have to remember that the jugs themselves are versatile, whether we’re talking about a fuddling cup (also called the puzzle or dribble cup) jerry can, harvest jug or using the buzzed lip technique to trombone out of them like traditional jug bands do…it’s a whole world of jug fun, and that’s like me in a way.

Christina Hendricks’ jugs will be on display at the Museum of Modern Art, New York from July until the Fall.

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