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LONDON – Christian Bale has signed on to play the role of maverick British artist and presenter, Tony Hart.

“It’s a dream come true”, said Bale:

When I was eight years old I sent a picture of a woman being decapitated with a chainsaw into Tony’s show, Hartbeat. Little did I know that all these years later, I’d finally get the opportunity to play the great man himself.

Bale went on to reveal that he turned down the role of Steve Jobs in order to play Hart:

Jobs was a salesman. I mean, what did that guy actually create? He took all the glory when he was little more than a billboard with legs. Tony, on the other hand was a master of his craft who brought art to the masses and inspired a generation to glue bits of sugar paper to coloured card.

According to director Julian Temple, the film was due to go into production in 2010 but it was postponed after Guy Richie’s Rolf Harris biopic was cancelled:

After the Harris scandal nobody wanted to fund a story about a BBC presenter. It was too risky which is a shame as I think Daniel Day-Lewis would have made a great Rolf.

With pre-production due to begin in April, Temple said that the only major role he still hasn’t cast is that of loveable figure, Morph.

It a great part and we’ve had a lot of interest but Mark Rylance has said he is willing to have his entire skeletal structure replaced with plasticine and that’s the kind of actor we want.

 Sheer Hart Attack is due for release in 2016

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