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HOLLYWOOD – Ridley Scott’s new movie Exodus: Gods and Kings is almost ready to be seen (released December 12th), but star Christian Bale has already had some choice words to say about his character, the Biblical law-giver and Red Sea travel agent Moses.

The Terminator: Salvation star spoke to the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

Moses was a complete douche bag. I mean one minute he was like ‘Hey, I’m Egyptian, best friends with the Pharaoh, chariots and shit’ and then next minute he says ‘I’m a Jew, let my people go’ – the pharaoh’s like, ‘who’s gonna finish the pyramid? You can’t just leave it like that’. So  Moses is like plague, plague, plague. And basically killing a shit load of people. I mean, what a complete asshole.

But he’s an important religious leader.

Yeah, right.  He’s on acid or something. He sees a burning bush and talks to God? That’s not religion. That’s just crazy. I mean I approached this film like American Psycho, but in Bible times. Oh, and he couldn’t count.

Wait. What?

Well, the ten commandments. There aren’t ten. There are eight tops.

Religious groups were quick to criticize Bale’s interpretation.

Berkshire Wrightly in his blog The God Squad wrote:

Yes. Moses did kill a lot of people. Yes, he did kill them on the basis of race and religion. Yes, he did impose a bunch of really moralistic rules on people claiming that they came from some higher power. In other words he was a perfect religious leader.

Exodus: Gods and Kings  will be released on 12 December, 2014.

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