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HOLLYWOOD – The Studio Exec has obtained a leaked email from ‘actor’ Chris Pine to ‘director’ JJ Abrams. Described by industry analysts as ‘totally chilled out’ and ‘super breezy’ the email is no way linked to JJ Abrams’ current project, the identity of which is a closely guarded secret.

Here is the email in full:

So hey J-Bone, Captain Kirk here! Joking, no just your iconic Science Fiction makes-the-role-his-own Chris Pine (wood)!  Hanging around my pad, practicing my fencing (something I do, no biggie).

It was a full moon last night but I kind of thought ‘that’s no moon’! I don’t know where these thoughts come from. Man, I miss you sometimes, we had some laughs, huh? Remember that time we went to the beach and made sand castles…and sand PEOPLE? Ha ha ha. We sure got some funny Lukes. R2 doing anything this weekend?

…Oh sorry I forgot, you are filming something over in the UK right?

Cool, I might just Leia around the house, maybe turn my Han to some DIY-PO… It’s not like there’s anything else going on. Just totally available for whatevs. 

For more on JJ Abrams Secret Project Click Here. 

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