LONDON – Following a hard schedule which has seen him portray British racing legend James Hunt in Rush and the Thunder God Thor in Thor The Dark World, Chris Hemsworth already has his sights on his next role as rock star and influential musician Steve Winwood in the biopic Higher Love

Hemsworth has been studying the guitar in an attempt to pull off the Traffic and Blind Faith front man and Daniel Bruhl has been cast in the role of sometime friend and collaborator Eric Clapton. 

Hemsworth explained:

I was initially attracted to Steve’s hair. I thought his hair looked cool in the old pictures and then I was looking in the mirror and I thought, you know my hair almost looks like his but it isn’t in black and white. I thought that was that but I got talking to Ron Howard while we were making Rush and apparently they can fix that in post. Apparently for the last decade Bruce Willis’ hair has been created in a similar fashion using a combination of CGI and Beaver fur.

As well as Clapton Winwood has collaborated with the cream of rock royalty and Hemsworth confirmed the rest of the films star studded cast:

Don Cheadle has signed up to play Jimi Hendrix and Jude Law has been practicing the sitar for his role as George Harrison but the man I’m most excited about working with is Martin Landau who will be stepping into the shoes of the late, great Lou Reed.   

Although Ron Howard has expressed uncertainty – he is still slated to direct Hemsworth in the Eddie the Eagle Story it is assumed he will take on direction, or Paul Greengrass. 

Higher Love will be released in 2014.  

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