childless couple

LONDON – Childless Hackney residents, Helen and Alex, went to the cinema to watch Mad Max last night.

“We go to the movies about three times a week. We’ve got no particular interest in film but if we’re not at the gym, going for after work drinks or taking long showers then we quickly run out of ideas of how to squander our free time,” said Alex.

The pair met on new dating website and it was their views on children, not their movie tastes, that first attracted them to each other.

“Neither of us ever want children,” said Helen:

We’re both 33 and we just want to concentrate on our careers and enjoy our free time. We saw the Blade Runner reissue three times in May, we rarely leave a pub before closing time and we’ve already been on several hiking holidays in the Lake District this year. If we had kids, we just wouldn’t have the time to do those things and our lives would be considerably less rich and fulfilling.

Asked if they had considered sterilisation, Alex was quick to answer:

“No, I mean, I never want kids but I still want to be capable of having them.”

“But maybe you should, darling. That way I could stop taking the pill,” countered Helen.

“Woah. That’s just not going to happen,” said Alex.

“So you do want kids. You just don’t want to have them with me!” cried Helen.

Two month after this interview, the couple joyfully announced on Facebook that they were expecting their first child.


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