chicken game

HOLLYWOOD – The Chicken Game that is currently sweeping social media is to come to the silver screen with Universal signing a three-part picture deal with game creator 9 Gag.

The Chicken Game the ludicrously addictive image based game has taken over the internet this week with celebrities like Justin Bieber and Rupert Murdoch admitting to serious Chicken addictions. Now they will be able to sate their poultry longings with a new franchise that Universal are looking to launch with firm potential across all demographics.

A source close to the studio said:

Angry Birds is the film that is going to make everyone see the market for this kind of crossover. The Chicken Game is perfectly set up for a movie. It has a built in three act structure; huge potential for merchandising and a complex role for a star actor. We’re hoping to get Orlando Bloom to play the chicken. Then trilogy because, you know, money.

The Chicken Game will be released in 2019.


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