HOLLYWOOD – Sources confirmed today that Cherhas been cast in the titular role in Aquaman: Deep Rising. Furthermore, insiders have revealed that the last 30 years of Cher’s career has been a coordinated marketing campaign to prepare the public for the coming franchise.
‘Yeah, it’s groundbreaking stuff,’ said Cher costume designer Hex Irons (son of Jeremy) ‘we knew we had to ease people in a bit. The video for Turn back Time was really our starting point. The question was how much do we give away you know? Ultimately we went with a version of the phase 1 costume and set the video on a boat, it’s subtle but the tone is there.’
Asked about her role as Aquaman (AKA the Marine Marvel), Cher commented: 

Its been a long journey, learning to sing underwater was tough but it’ll be worth it when you see it on screen. When we released ‘Do you believe in life after love’we thought we had maybe gave the game away, I mean, come on, it’s all there, listen to my voice for Christ’s sake, I’m singing that track at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

As part of her training for the role of the King of the Seven Seas (AKA the Dweller in the Depths), Cher had to learn to adjust to the extreme pressures involved with performing with several metric tonnes of unbreathable seawater determined to crush her flesh in a macabre implosion.

Yeah, that was a worry but you just get up and get on with it. My personal trainer Flex Irons (son of Jeremy) has seen me through all those 5am wake up calls and helped me deal with the hazards involved in acting in a realm not fit for human beings. I’ve had it all: octopus fights, nausea, wrinkled fingers, you name it… Hey, no one ever said it was gonna be easy.

Aquaman: Deep Rising will hit cinemas in July 2015.

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