HOLLYWOOD – Charlize Theron has announced she will remake the final season of GOT and call it Game Of Therons.

Charlize Theron, star of action films such as Mad Max: Fury Road, The Old Guard and The Cider House Rules will remake GOT and call it Game Of Therons.

The Studio Exec can exclusively reveal that the ass-kicking actress was very frustrated with the ending of her favourite TV show. So much so, that she decided to shoot it all over again, playing all the main roles herself.

“During lockdown, I finally got around to catching up on my Game favourite show, Game Of Thrones. That final season sucked so many balls,” said Theron. “I can’t believe they did that to us loyal fans. I spat my ham and pineapple pizza all over my TV when I watched that last episode. It made me sick.”

“The very next day, I was on my phone at 7.30am to my agent, ‘Avi, you lazy mother fucker!’ I said, ‘Get up off your god damned ass and get me George R. R. Martin on the phone. NOW!’”

“So, within minutes I had that son of a bitch on the phone. I told him, ‘George, you may have written a few popular books and made some great music with The Beatles but man, that final season was horse shit! I’ll tell you what, George. I’m gonna do you a solid. Now I’m the biggest action star in the world, you’re gonna give me the rights to that last goddam book. Then, I’m gonna shoot that piece of garbage the way it should be done, just me in it. No other mofos. Just me, myself and I. Because I can play them all. Tyrion, Cersei, Arya, that pussy Jon Snow, all of them.”

“You know what, that crazy bastard said yes. So, here I am, in the middle of Ireland, running around like an idiot with a sword in my hand, ducking imaginary dragons. And they’re paying me for this shit! What a time to be alive.”

Game Of Therons is currently shooting.

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