HOLLYWOOD – Jane Campion – the writer and director of the new Charlie’s Angels prequel Charlie’s Angels: Danger but Pray, with Decorum – has pledged that she will return to the original spirit of the novels, written one hundred and fifty years ago by Charlotte Bronte

Campion was chosen by producers to helm the reboot because of her successful handling of similar period material, particularly with her Oscar winning The Piano and more recently Bright Star. The new film CA: DBWD returns the franchise to its original source material a series of six novels written by Charlotte Bronte in the mid-Nineteenth Century, some scholars suggest with the collaboration of her sisters, Anne and Emily. The New Zealand born director spoke exclusively to Studio Exec:

In the original novel, Charlie is actually short for Charlotte the matriarch of the Angels – Emily, Catherine and Anne – all of whom are in need of a husband with 5000 a year and substantial property, or a vicarage. They each have a separate skill – piano playing, sewing, singing madrigals – which they use to solve crimes. They are women of their times and not the sexual objects of the TV series or the galumphing fools of the last two films. We need actresses of subtlty and keen intelligence to play these nuanced roles.

Miley Cyrus, Selana Gomez and Lindsay Lohan have all been confirmed, with Paris Hilton cast as Charlotte.

Charlie’s Angels: Danger but Pray, with Decorum will be released in 2015 .

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  1. Paris Hilton as Charlotte?? What a stretch. But, then, I thought Sinead O’Connor as Emily Bronte was an insult but she actually pulled it off.

  2. Where does Ms. Campion get the notion that the Bronte’s were the inspiration for Charlie’s Angels?? Anyone? What original novel are you referring to?

  3. I am very surprised by the connection and I sincerely hope it is not one of the usual attempts to get undeserved notoriety. I admire Jane Campion’s work, I have to say, but I would really like where the connection with the Bronte sisters is. And Paris Hilton as Charlotte? I believe poor Charlotte is spinning in her grave…

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