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HOLLYWOOD – Hot Shots Part Deux star Charlie Sheen has donated his hard drive to the Smithsonian.

Wall Street and Platoon star Charlie Sheen is more famous today for ‘winning’, having dragon’s blood and once being married to Denise Richards. However, he has affirmed his place in American history by donating his hard drive to the Smithsonian Institute.

A spokesperson for the Smithsonian told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

As an institution, we are utterly stoked about Mr. Sheen’s endowment. The digital resources we will receive include his hard drive, but also his search and browsing history. Mr. Sheen being Mr. Sheen he never used incognito or any of the other disguised browsing methods and so his behavior online will be transparent and visible as will his archive of images and videos which we believe to be extensive and to include some of the less famous actresses of recent years.

But how historical is all this?

Erm. On a scale of Napoleon’s diary to yesterday’s shopping list, this is must closer to a bag of cat biscuits and a quart of orange juice than ‘la liberté ou la mort’.

Charlie Sheen himself declared that he was happy that his life would not be a complete waste of everyone’s time, lost in a haze of hedonism and lost promise. ‘Finallly, my dad can be proud of something when he sees how much time I spent on PornHub,’ he said.

Charlie Sheen’s new film Slags comes out Tuesday next.

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