HOLLYWOOD – 5 FACTS on Quentin Tarantino’s new film for you.

As the director of acclaimed films like Jackie Brown, Reservoir Dogs, and Downton Abbey: The Final Showdown, there’s a lot of anticipation for what might be Quentin Tarantino’s next film. And the director has been pretty successful at keeping his next project a secret – until recently.

In the middle of a pandemic, we sent our crack team of interns on a fact-finding mission to Tarantino’s basement. And after sadly losing two interns along the way – they will be missed – the good news is that their sacrifice was not in vain. Thanks to these brave souls, we now know too much about Tarantino’s next film. Here’s the gist:

1. It’s gonna be his last film. Or not. As CinemaBlend.com writes, the man has been saying that he’s finished after his 10th film – in an effort to “leave them wanting more.” At the same time, Tarantino’s too young for a genius eccentric director, and those guys get to direct movies well into their senile years. It’s also hard to imagine Tarantino ever giving up directing.

2. Franchises aren’t off the table. In the past, he’s openly discussed interest in making the next Bond or Star Trek flick. Either way, there would be lots of opportunities for the Tarantino-verse to crossover with a beloved spy or science fiction franchise. We know we’re ready to see some Tarantino-directed Vulcan martial arts.

3. It’s gonna involve a board game somehow. No, seriously. As a feature on Poker.org reveals, Tarantino has fully settled into his role as an eccentric Hollywood director by starting a board game collection. In the man’s own eloquent words, “At first I chose lunch boxes. But they really rape you on lunch boxes. They’re just too f**king expensive. And as for dolls, well, you can’t have much fun with them. You have to keep them in the box. So, I started with board games.” By choosing an unexpectedly sensible hobby, Tarantino shocks us yet again with another jarring twist. Anyway, there’s a real chance that his next film is in some way related to a board game – as Tarantino has famously been inspired by the encyclopedic collection of films and vinyl records he keeps at home.

4. It’s gotta be Kill Bill 3, right? How else is he gonna cap off arguably the coolest filmography in Hollywood? Let Vernita Green’s daughter have her vengeance on The Bride. And it better involve a Hattori Hanzō blade.

5. Look, enough with the jokes and fake news. Here’s the real deal on Tarantino’s next movie. Due for release sometime in 2022, the director’s 10th and last film is called Charlie Manson Ate My Cat. It’s a magic realist rom-com starring It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Charlie Day as Charles Manson, with Brad Pitt reprising his Once Upon a Time in Hollywood role as stunt man Cliff Booth. Fresh off a Razie from her performance in Cats, Dame Judi Dench will be playing the cat. We’re not happy about it either, but it’s what our interns tell us. Those guys have no reason to lie to us. And that’s a fact.


HOLLYWOOD – Demi Moore is world famous but what do we really know about ex Mrs Bruce Willis and ex Mrs Ashton Kutcher?

We sent the Studio Exec FACT Squad to find out more about Demi Moore and divorce you from the Ashton Kutchner of your stupidity.

1. She’s still alive. 

2. Filming of Striptease and G.I. Jane overlapped and so Demi occasionally got flustered and shot people when she should have been taking her clothes off. And took her clothes off when she should have been killing people.

3. Demi Moore’s father Dudley Moore was made famous in his film Arthur, and she appears briefly in the film riding a horse. When Dudley gave Demi away at her first wedding he got drunk and peed in the avocado mousse. 

4. Demi Moore’s marriage began as an elaborate attempt to punk’d Ashton Kutchner and it continued as an elaborate attempt to punk’d him and finished when it was revealed that it wasn’t a joke.

5. Bruce Willis first met Demi on the set of Moonlighting when she was playing Cybil Shepherd, the female detective. They shared a love of chess, but found they were incompatible when he insisted on occasionally singing to her. Also Demi Moore once had really bad gas. But instead of being ashamed of this she used her own predicament to publicize the issue at the United Nations by having herself photographed and full Zeppelin mode. Five seconds after this photo was taken, Demi let rip and blew out the windows of the studio.

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HOLLYWOOD – On the eve of the third season premier of Game of Thrones, let the amazing fact dragon Studio Exec breathe a fire of purifying non-fiction into your Hordor-shaped head, dispelling the enchantments of myth concerning the HBO masterpiece of televisual umphka-ba-rumph.

Let the Game of Thrones FACTS commence:

1 The Game of Thrones television series is an adaptation of Danish crime drama Spil af Troner which starred Mads Mikkelsen as a weary alcoholic police inspector, who was weary and alcoholic until a young girl is murdered and then he’s weary and alcoholic and searching for a killer in the white wastes of Northern Denmark.

2 The writer George R.R. Martin is the great grandson of J.R.R. Tolkien, but when an English gentleman has a baby with a dirty Yankie scullion maid (as Grandma Martin then was) offspring are legally allowed to keep only the middle initials. 

3 In adapting the books for the screen, writers changed many names to give the material a more realistic grittier feel. The Banstickitons were changed to the Lannisters; Biggus Dickus was changed to Little Finger and Portcullisarian Ephmayllindyoniousi was changed to Ned Stark. 

4 Peter Jackson has consistently embarrassed himself by publicly praising the use of forced perspective and motion capture to create Peter Dinklage’s character Tyrion Lannister, or the Imp. 

5 The dragons are all from Romania. Seventeen dragons are used in total even though there are only three dragon characters. This is due to Romania’s strict labor laws for mythical creatures, which means any one dragon can only work for four hours a day.

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HOLLYWOOD – Avengers: Endgame is almost upon us so what do you need to know?

As tickets for Avengers: Endgame go on sale, here are five FACTS for you to MARVEL at.

1 Iron Man will be played by Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr will play Captain America, because they are bored.

2 The Hulk will get angry at a decisive moment.

3 Stan Lee’s body will make a cameo – Weekend at Bernie’s style.

4 Captain Marvel will be amazing. The ending won’t be anywhere near as good as the ending of Infinity War. Many of the surprises you already know, so they’ll kill off someone unexpectedly/expectedly in the first five minutes so you’ll lose your shit.

5 You’ll be humming the score for a couple of seconds and then completely forget it.

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HOLLYWOOD – Gone Girl director David Fincher is one of the few American film makers who seems able to work in the mainstream, make some fairly dreadful movies (Panic Room, Benjamin Button), some fairly good ones (Fight Club, Se7en), and still inspire respect in the critical community.

Our FACT squad descended on the Fight Club director likes a pack of starving rats and stripped his bones clean of all fact tissue, quite literally. 

1. Despite including a specific rule in the film, everyone talks about Fight Club, which infuriates David Fincher, who is a stickler for rules. 

2. David Fincher got his first job in the cinema as a special effect supervisor on Return of the Jedi. Anyone watching the film closely can spot his cameo as the Rancor Keeper, Malakili. His acting skills attracted so much attention that Lucas suggested he pursue acting as a possible career. Fincher lost weight especially but in the end no one wanted him, because Lucas was wrong and Fincher was actually a crap actor. 

3. When making Se7en, Fincher tried to murder someone in order ‘to get the feel’. However, he hurt his hand and was quickly overpowered. 

4. Although nominated for an Oscar for The Social Network, David Fincher prefers MySpace.  

5. The Game that Michael Douglas plays in The Game is actually based on a version of Cluedo, but with all the rules changed to avoid copyright issues.

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The Gaming industry is constantly looking for new ideas and inspiration for new games.

There are many companies now specialising in creating high quality, cross platform games like NetEnt and Microgaming. Plus there are even some operators who have made the decision to produce their own exclusive games, an ideal example being mFortune’s Fruit Machine game which is extremely popular with players.

There have been some superb movies over the years which have gone on to have a huge impact in other areas too. This concept has worked well in the past, due to movies being able to transcend countries, cultures and player demographics. Therefore, successful films generally go on to be converted into games and that has been the case for multiple releases for some time now. With people eager to get even more from their favourite movies, let’s check out five of the best that have made it into the gaming world.


Rocky is one of the most famous films of all time and hugely popular due to it’s rags-to-riches approach. Rocky is a small-time boxer who gets the chance to take on the very best, as he looks to go the distance with the heavyweight champion of the world. The slot game based on the hit film was developed by industry experts Playtech, featuring 5 reels and 25 paylines. You could say that Playtech have incorporated the rags-to-riches theme of the film into the game, with players able to bet from as little as 0.01 coins and win up to 10,000x their stake.

Planet of the Apes

In Planet of the Apes, viewers enter a world where apes rule and the humans are slaves. Three astronauts become marooned on the planet and they’re the first to discover just how advanced the simians that inhabit it are, but as humans they are cast aside by the apes. NetEnt are the developers who developed the remake of the original one and have done so superbly. The game, which is split into two parts, features all the characters you’d expect to find on the reels, while also featuring double the amount of paylines.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is the sequel to Batman begins which features the memorable performance of the late Heath Ledger. Batman releases have always been a hit with viewers and they’ve always impressed when making the move into the gaming world too. Microgaming took up the opportunity to produce The Dark Knight for slot game players to enjoy, with the Joker featuring prominently just as he does in the hit movie. The game also game also features a fantastic progressive jackpot which could see players turn 1p into something huge.

Superman the Movie

Superman the Movie is where Superman first began in the film industry, with viewers finding out about how he came to be Superman before seeing him take on the likes of Lex Luther, while trying to charm Lois Lane. Superman the Movie slot game is the first in a very successful gaming trilogy, with 100 paylines in play and four huge progressive jackpots up for grabs too. It’s a game that all superman fans will appreciate and who isn’t a Superman fan anyway?


Gladiator, which starred Russell Crowe, is an all time classic and a film that most people will have seen at least once. It sees a former general cast aside to become a common gladiator, where he gains popularity and respect in the arena. The slot game take on the hit movie is equally as impressive, especially where the visuals and audio are concerned. With a whopping 50 paylines and plenty of exciting features, it’s easy to see why the game has become just as popular as the film too.


HOLLYWOOD: The Studio Exec presents 5 True Facts from the Golden Age of Hollywood: 1. Humphrey Bogart.

The Golden Ages of Hollywood started at the beginning of the last century and closed in 2009, with the release of Paul Blart Mall Cop. In this new series, the Studio Exec will release five FACTS you never knew about a Hollywood legend. Cut out and collect the whole series to keep in a glossy album with laminated covers. This week:

Humphrey Bogart

Fact 1: Humphrey Bogart was the last actor to win an Oscar who was born in the Nineteenth Century. Bogart was born Humphrey DeForest Bogart on Christmas Day in 1899. He won the Best Actor Oscar for his role in John Huston’s The African Queen in 1951 after having been nominated for Casablanca, but not winning. He would also be nominated for The Caine Mutiny but would again not win.

Fact 2: Bogart began acting on the New York stage where he first made a name for himself playing hooray Henry roles in light comedies with titles like The Dancing Town and Cradle Snatchers. The line ‘Tennis, anyone?’ was made famous by Bogart, according to legend. It was a far cry from his later roles as a tough guy. But it wasn’t the movies which created the role but once more the theater. Having been in some risible films, Bogart returned to the theater in 1936 and made his breakthrough as the ruthless killer Duke Mantee in Robert Sherwood’s The Petrified Forest.

Fact 3: Almost his whole career, Bogart can thank George Raft for his unerring lack of taste when it came to choosing projects. High Sierra, Raft turned down. For The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca, Bogart was often not only not the first choice but way down the list. His willingness to pick up projects and his hardworking ethic however saw him star in a series of hit films. But even for Sabrina Fair, with Bogie already a big star, he was still second pick after Cary Grant turned down the role.

Fact 4: Bogart was the original Rat Pack, which Lauren Bacall named. Bogie and Bacall became one of the most iconic romantic partnerships of Hollywood history. They starred in three movies together and a TV version of The Petrified Forest.  They were also the center of a social circle that Bacall dubbed the Rat Pack, which Frank Sinatra would popularize with a series of movies. Sinatra’s worship of Bogart probably had something to do with his pursuit of Bacall following Bogart’s death. This would even lead to a marriage proposal which never came off in the end.

Fact 5: Bogart was plagued by health problems. He had a bad back, drank too much and smoked way too much. During the filming of Beat the Devil – a follow up to The Maltese Falcon – scripted by Truman Capote and directed by John Huston, Bogart had a car accident and knocked some teeth out. Unable to use the audio, Peter Sellers dubbed all of Bogart’s role. After his diagnosis with cancer, Bogart ended up too weak to walk and had the dumb waiter in his house modified so it could carry him downstairs where he could meet well-wishers such as Frank Sinatra and Spencer Tracey.

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FACTLAND – Here are 5 FACTS the Studio Exec FACT squad have learned about HBO’s Westworld.

The FACT squad have entered the park of Westworld and now we don’t know if we’re really or not or when we are.

1. Westworld is not meant to be understood so don’t need to actually try. Jonathan Nolan, who created the series with Lisa Joy, is Christopher Nolan’s brother. They were suckled on puzzle milk by a  mother who didn’t believe in chronology and would speak backwards to the boys only their heads were destroyed.

2. Westworld is based on a film by Michael Crichton, but for some reason in the TV series they took out all the dinosaurs. Probably the budget.

3. There’s a lot of confusion about who is human and who is a robot. And when things are happening. By the end of Season 2 we discover that SPOILER we are the robots and all the robots are human.

4. The cowboys used in the series are actually actors playing robots playing cowboys.

5. Anthony Hopkins, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris and Rachel Evans Wood prepared for their roles by reading the script and rehearsing their scenes.

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HOLLYWOOD -5 Facts we never knew but just found out about Woody Harrelson.

We sent the FACT squad to Ebbing Missouri to find out what we could about Woody Harrelson.


1. Woody Harrelson first became famous playing Ted Danson in Cheers.

2. The Cheers star had a spin-off show called Woody in which he is continuously mistaken for Woody Allen’s brother.

3. Woody Harrelson is Woody Allen’s brother.

4. His first break into serious films was a starring role in Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers. Playing Mickey Knox a psychopathic serial killer, Harrelson said he prepared for the role by growing an unconvincing mullet. The hair cut led to the film being disowned by script writer Quentin Tarantino.

5. Since his break through he has appeared with some of the most talented film directors in the world like the Coen Brothers and the Farrelly Brothers. He has challenged himself with demanding material like Rampart and The Messenger, as well as Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. He was also in War of Planet of the Apes and the Hunger Games films in which he played The Hunger. Don’t Look Now was shit though.

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HOLLYWOOD – Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi hits screens worldwide this week.

Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi arrives in cinemas but does it blow up the Death Star or just explode on the surface. Here are FIVE takeaways, but be warned these are SPOILERS.

1 The first hour is a real drag. Star Wars was originally inspired by the Flash Gordon Saturday morning serials and here the Star Wars franchise has become like that. Familiar characters go off and do different things. But none of this quite amounts to the status of story. Time and space are manipulated in an offhand way. Travelling across the galaxy with a deadline counted in hours feels wrong. It minimizes the scale we’ve come to expect. And some of the stories feel like TV episode filler. Especially with Finn (John Boyega) and Rose (Kelly Marie Tran) Go to the thing and get the thing that’ll do the other thing while jeopardy happens that’ll take x hours. As much as Force Awakens lacked originality, it was exhilarating. This felt middle-act-humdrum.

2  In a telling scene, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) tosses the light saber over his shoulder, mirroring the film’s own dismissive attitude to many elements set up by JJ Abrams’ first instalment. Luke for one was this big reveal in the first of the new films. Here, he spends a long part of the movie refusing ‘the call to adventure’, but it never calls again. Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Luke’s relationship doesn’t deepen. The offing of Snoke was a great scene, but again had a Game of Thrones abruptness. It seemed more intent on wrong-footing the audience than anything else.

3  Leia (Carrie Fisher) flying. I get that Leia is essentially a Jedi, strong in the force. But the moment she flew her character – and perhaps the series – hid in the fridge. I feel toward Star Wars now how I felt toward the Harry Potter films. I’ll go and see them and enjoy them. But I’m not invested. All the characters have ‘moments’, but I’ve lost sight of any real arc.

4 The humor. Force Awakens was funny – in a smart TV show way. The Last Jedi is more funny in a Jar Jar way. Cute/disgusting aliens, some comedy gurning – Finn has become a particular adherent, but Domhnall Gleeson and Oscar Isaac run him a joint second. And then the overplayed winking actually detracts from the movie. When Luke flicks dirt from his robe emerging from the lethal bombardment, I felt that was Mark Hamill doing that; not Luke. I could hear the conversation: ‘Hey what if I wink at C3PO?’ Luke’s character was always the most sincere, the most driven. When did he become this jokey semi-serious granddad?

5 Luke’s death. This was the most baffling moment of the film. Why make the twist that Luke is not actually there – using his force to project himself into the minds of the others – to then make the consequences exactly the same as him being there. I loved the moment that he revealed himself to Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren. It was epic. My highlight of the movie. It seemed to go in a really different direction. No, we’re not going to have the obligatory death.

5 b. Not every film has to have the same emotional beat – and this goes with the action too. We don’t always have to have the clock ticking while two sets of characters have to accomplish two different tasks. The algebra is becoming nakedly predictable. This is movie magic by algorithm.

To be clear, I quite enjoyed the film. Especially the last hour. But Star Wars ought to be great and for me this felt like the beginning of the end of my fascination with the series.


HOLLYWOOD – It’s hard enough to be an actor. Imagine how much harder it is knowing you were THIS CLOSE to that iconic role!

The following actors may have a career now … but they’d be icons had they not been runners-up on some amazing roles.



Winner: Wayne Knight.    |   Loser: Andy Dick. 

That’s right. Hollywood’s hot mess, Andy Dick, was almost computer nerd Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park. Andy was the front runner, until he started licking Laura Dern, and sitting inappropriately on prop dinosaur tongues during a call-back.


Winner: Matt Damon.    |   Loser: Gary Busey. 

A fresh-faced (?) Gary Busey was slated to appear in the Bourne franchise. The original script wanted a world-weary, older Bourne looking back on his life, and trying to piece together the conspiracy that made him a killer. Unfortunately, Busey was, at the same time, trying to piece together his own conspiracy and schedules conflicted.

Bruce Wayne, BATMAN. 

Winner: Michael Keaton.    |   Loser: Johnny Depp. 

Tim Burton’s history with Johnny Depp almost had another credit, when Depp was slated to appear as Bruce Wayne. And, that was ultimately the problem. The role required Depp to play both Bruce Wayne AND Batman. Depp was so unnerved at the sight of the Batman suit, he’d retreat to corners of the soundstage to “fear pee”, as one PA put it. So, the roll was recast.


Winner: Angelina Jolie.    |   Loser: Jennifer Aniston. 

Brad Pitt wasn’t the only reason these two actresses don’t get along. Aniston was scheduled to appear as the voluptuous video game star, but at the last moment, Jolie had placed a blood curse on the beleaguered actress, who’s breasts deflated, as a result. The part was taken back from Aniston in favour of Jolie.


Winner: Andy Serkis.    |   Loser: Clint Howard. 

Serkis made history for playing the part of a digitally-created character, but the original plan was to have an actor without visual effects. Clint Howard had a number of outstanding chemistry tests, and won the role. But, the look of him against the backdrop of New Zealand was so unsettling, Peter Jackson decided to go “less realistic” and made the character computer-generated.

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HOLLYWOOD – Susan Sarandon is a fine actress and a progressive thinker.

But we sent the Studio Exec FACT Squad to find out five FACTS you didn’t know about Susan Sarandon.

1. She married Kurt Russell years ago. Despite having very different political opinions, Susan and Kurt have been married for almost four decades, one of the longest and most successful marriages.

2. Susan first came to fame in the musical Rocky Horror Picture Show where she played the role of the plain Jane who is gradually seduced by the decadent atmosphere of Dr. Frankenfurter’s castle. To prepare for the role she was gradually seduced by the decadent atmosphere of Dr. Frankenfurter’s castle.

3. Sarandon starred opposite the pop star Phil Collins in Tony Scott’s debut film The Hunger.

4. Susan Sarandon won an Oscar for Dead Man Walking in 1995. Tim Robbins directed the film, a man she had a relationship with until 2009, when she remembered that she was married to Kurt Russell.

5. Sarandon has long been a political activist. She is a vegetarian and supported Bernie Sanders in the last election. When he failed to win the primary, she declared that she would vote for Jill Stein because ‘I like Donald Trump’s hair.’

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HOLLYWOOD – The Justice League hit theaters and was immediately hailed as a masterpiece of its genre.

The New York Times called it ‘The Casablanca of Superhero movies’ and Variety said ‘Eat your heart out Christopher Nolan.’

But – as rebellious as ever – The Studio Exec is not fully convinced.

So here are our five minor problems with Zach Snyder/ Joss Whedon’s new movie:

1. It’s shit.

2. Everyone looks tired and depressed. First, Ben Affleck looks like they CGIed Ryan Reynolds head onto Dave Bautista’s body. Second, Amy Adams looks like she’s performing under duress. As if someone is just off camera with a cattle prod, blocking the exit. She looks so bored and they used a crayon to color in her hair. Then Diane Lane is too obviously happy just to get work. Finally, Gal Gadot looks confused that she can be in such a bad film after having been in such a good one. Weirdly, Henry Cavill shines.

3. The film is as visually interesting as an infomercial. As much as I hated Batman V Superman and Man of Steel, those films had a certain visual pomposity that was compelling. Here, not only is the CGI like mid-90s Star Trek, but every shot, hero entrance, etc etc looks like a rush job for a poorly funded advertising agency. Take the iconic moment towards the end where Clark Kent becomes Superman. It looked like a TV advert featuring Superman. Nothing momentous happens.

In rushing to be the Avengers, they threw out the epic with the dourness.

4. Which leads us to: the humor wasn’t funny. It’s like sitting at a wedding reception with that guy who is really funny and then someone else tries to go toe to toe with them, but they don’t have the material. Unfunny humor isn’t just not funny, it is deeply depressing. They label every joke ‘JOKE’. The Flash (Ezra Miller) is annoying. Really annoying. It is like they took Zach Snyder’s sense of humor and mixed it with Joss Whedon’s visual flair. And that line is funnier than anything in the movie.

5. The Avengers. Anything DC does feels like catch up. And that’s a pity. Aquaman sounds like Thor, Superman like Captain America, Batman like Tony Stark, Flash like Peter Parker. The getting the team together to beat a CGI thing with the blue light from the sky and the cubes… whatever. Do we really want anymore universes? What was a neat idea ten years ago is beginning to look lazy bloated franchise think. Isn’t it time to finally give up?

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HOLLYWOOD – David Fincher’s new project Mindhunter is on Netflix.

One of the most anticipated shows debuted on Netflix: Joe Penhall’s Mindhunter. But what do we really know about the serial killer show? We sent the FACT hunter to find out more:

1 The first episode came to David Fincher in a dream. That is to say he wrote the episode while he was asleep. And it tends to have the same effect on the viewer. Jesus Christ: we go to an exposition disco for crying out loud. You can tell it’s a period drama because the cars are all so clean.

2 The series is actually based on a book by famed FBI agent John Douglas. He was also the inspiration for Scott Glenn’s character in Silence of the Lambs. The book is great and well worth a read.

3 The problem with these real life dramas is the way Eureka moments are developed. Listen as the gang come up with the phrase serial killer after getting bored of the original term sequence killer. It’s like watching The Doors come up with the name The Doors in that film by Oliver Stone: Wall Street.

4 Despite this the actual Behavioral Science Group is well done.  Anna Torv and Holt MacCallany are particularly good. Jonathan Groff I could never work out if I didn’t like him or the character he was playing. He seemed too much of an innocent, given his area of expertise. But as with all these shows they are lumbered with backstories that are almost inevitably dull. Mad Men was brilliant when it was about advertising and high class soap when it was about adultery. Likewise here, the show is noticeably better the moment they actually spend time interviewing or investigating the murders.

5 This could get better. Joe Penhall obviously made it with a long run in mind. The serial killer who hasn’t even got off his starting blocks yet is based on a real murderer who wasn’t caught until into the 2000s. So maybe the show is hanging fire. I’ll certainly give the second season a go, but it isn’t quite the must see that I was hoping for.

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