Monday 26 October 2020
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Casino Royale Remake To Feature Only Online Games

Casino Royale Remake To Feature Only Online Games

Daniel Craig’s time as James Bond is almost up as the aptly named No Time To Die is set to be the actor’s last as 007. It looked like we almost saw a very a different kind of Bond this time around, as seen in former director Danny Boyle’s leaked script. That plot seems to have been heavily influenced by Irvine Welsh’s novel Trainspotting! However as we know that film was scrapped.

Craig has played the Bond character for a little over a decade now, starting with 2006’s Casino Royale, ending with his most recent foray into the Bond universe through Spectre in 2015. The last film in Craig’s run is expected to be released on April 8, 2020, which is why everyone was surprised when Eon Productions dropped the trailer to a remake of 2006’s Casino Royale at the British Film Institute London Film Festival last October 13, 2019. And while the trailer has yet to be released to the general public, we were lucky enough to be there to witness the announcement. Here’s what you can expect from the remake of Casino Royale.

New Bond

The first curveball that the new Bond trailer threw at us came in the form of the new James Bond. Will Smith, whose most recent film Gemini Man had him split himself into two people, has been cast for the Casino Royale remake.

Contrary to popular belief, the role of James Bond isn’t limited to the British, as the first person to play Agent 007 was American actor Barry Nelson. But this doesn’t mean Smith’s Bond isn’t unique. Out of the seven actors to have played James Bond, Will Smith is the first prince to play the role. Smith was, after all, the prince of a town called Bel-Air back in 1992. He gave up his title and claim to the throne to enlist in the Men in Black program, which quite honestly makes him perfect for the role as the next Agent 007.

The New Casino Royale

The trailer also revealed the new look of Casino Royale. The remake has done away with the casino, replacing it with what looks like a state of the art Korean PC Bang. A PC Bang, for those of you who are not familiar, is a gaming center most commonly associated with Korean culture. If we put the dots together, it would be safe to assume that the next remake will be set in Asia.

This is very apt as Bond has a special connection with Asia, as The Man With The Golden Gun was filmed in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand. Scaramanga’s island retreat from the film is now actually dubbed James Bond Island. One-way that many come close to being like Bond is renting the yacht featured in Casino Royale from Camper and Nicholsons. With luxurious amenities and room for 8, more people are renting the boat out in Asia. If you’re in Phuket, it’s the perfect place to rent it and head over to James Bond Island for your own Bond adventure. While hosting the James Bond lifestyle, neither citizens nor tourists can feel like Bond as ExpatBets notes how Thailand has no land-based casinos. Due to its gambling laws, casinos are prohibited, so locals and tourists have to either head to neighboring Laos or relive the Bond lifestyle online through the many casinos hosted out of the country. This leads to our next point.

Another major change in the remake is that while they seem to have retained the poker element, it’s now the online version of the game. We know this because James Bond enters an online poker room after clicking a mysterious invite from Le Chiffre. Here, he plays a round of poker with a virtual avatar of Mads Mikkelsen, a reference to the original’s antagonist, as they re-create the iconic scene from the first iteration of Casino Royale. They play poker in real-time within the private online poker club, with Bond receiving information on the next best move from Q.

The way Bond communicates with his allies seems to have also been modernized through the Xperia Z5 also known as the ‘Bond phone’, as he is seen sending Q a direct message via his Finsta @NotJamesBond on Instagram. The trailer ends the same way as the original Casino Royale teaser, with Bond’s car flipping over. However, in this version, Will Smith’s Bond crawls out of the car with his phone in hand, seemingly recording the entire stunt.

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