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NEW YORK – Casey Affleck to star as Michael Barbaro in  new movie based on The Daily Podcast from the New York Times.

Affleck frere Casey Affleck is to play Michael Barbaro in a new movie called This … is the Daily, based on popular New York Times podcast The Daily. Speaking with the Studio Exec, Casey had this to say:

Every morning I get up at early, meditation, yoga, fruit enema and then The Daily podcast. I love Michael Barbaro. I love the way he would give me a synthesis of some important story. The way he talks to the other journalists on the phone before he’s even properly started the interview. So when the script hit my desk I was like can I do? Have I got the cadence? And I decided, hell, if Ben can do Batman, I guess I can.

But he’s not doing Batman anymore?

No? Well, anyway. I’m studying Michael. If you listen to the most recent podcast of The Daily about the breakdown of talks in North Korea, you can hear a chair squeak.  That was me shifting position as I observed him at work. A little bit of me in The Daily history.

What are you looking to learn from Michael?

Mainly, it’s the ….rhythm with which he speaks. He puts pauses… in the … strangest of places.

I’ve noticed that. 

So that’s what I’ll…. be doing.

This … is the Daily is in cinemas on Monday and every weekday after.


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