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The trailer dropped for the latest Marvel movie and the shock revelation was the identity of Captain Marvel: Brie Larson – a woman!

The fan children exploded today as the new trailer for Captain Marvel revealed that the superhero is actually a woman.

One fan told us:

It’s crazy. A total betrayal of the comic books I haven’t read. First they come for the Ghostbusters and I spoke out. Then they came for the Oceans films and I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t that bothered. But now they’re coming for Marvel movies as well. It’s ridiculous. I remember when the only role for women in comic book films was to be rescued or have a great looking ass in leather pants. Now this!

But didn’t you know Brie Larson was starring in the film?

I thought he was some French dude!

But the character has always been female.

Bull… has it?



Actually I don’t know. Maybe Jude Law is Captain Marvel.


Captain Marvel will be in theatres in 2019.

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