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CANNES – IRRATIONAL MAN REVIEW – Woody Allen presents Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone in a sleight morality tale of murder, love and sunshine.

Irrational Man is not bad. It’s not awful. It’s not The Curse of the Jade Scorpion, but neither is it Crimes and Misdemeanors or Match Point. It isn’t even Cassandra’s Dream. All of which by the way are almost exactly the same story. Why Woody Allen would want to contemplate in such a protracted way the idea of a moral man driven to murder baffles me. Perhaps he’s been thinking about Mia a little too much. His latest feels like a shoddy retread. He no longer writes characters so much as gives them props and hopes his star quality cast can do something with the underwritten material. To a large part they succeed, but one wishes that Abe the philosophy professor and drunk played by Joaquin Phoenix didn’t have to sip from a hip flask continually or quote Sartre to convey that yep he’s a philosophy professor and he has a drink problem.

Look let’s cut this short. All you want to know is: is this good Woody or bad Woody?

It’s bad worry. There might be a good one along next year.

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