CANNES – As the world’s most glamorous film festival winds to a close tomorrow I thought my readers would be glad of learning what I learned from my time here.

1. Pixar’s Inside Out and Gaspar Noe’s Love are actually different versions of the same story.

2. Michael Caine is brilliant as Tony Servillo. And Harvey Keitel and Jane Fonda’s new fitness video is out in the Fall.

3. The shouting of Raoul continues unabated despite it’s deadly unfunniness.

4. Queuing 40 hours in one week to see a bunch of films a bout Romanians digging holes in gardens and Icelanders and their sheep could be considered by some a waste of time.

5. Despite the waiting in line, the alcohol poisoning, the sight of John Lasseter dancing on a table (I shit you not), the Mad Maxs, the 3D ejaculations, oh and I saw Love!, I shall be doing it all again next year.

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