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HOLLYWOOD – Victorian novelist, poet and Mad Max Fury Road actor, Tom Hardy today told the press at Cannes that he would not be writing anymore novels.

Tom Hardy was promoting his new film Mad Max Fury Road which is playing out of competition at Cannes:

I enjoyed writing novels. It was very rewarding. Especially Jude the Obscure which I wrote while roaring with laughter all the way through. But the comes a time in a man’s life when he has to understand what he wants to do. I simply don’t have time to be a fantastic actor in big movie franchises and write depressing novels set in Wessex. One of them will have to go. And I’m afraid it’ll be the novels.

The news was greeted with dismay by fans of Thomas Hardy, one of whom – Hardy scholar Ralph Pite said simply: ‘Thomas Hardy is dead’.

In other Cannes news:

Raoul was found dead on the beach this morning.

Charlize Theron has sparkly eyes.

Japanese film An was the most movie film about red bean sauce I’ve ever seen.

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