CANNES – Ken Loach arrived on the red carpet today, wearing Gucci, which was a surprise as he’s been much more of Valentino man in recent years.
Armed only with his gold embalmed iPad and eating a basket of Israeli oranges, Ken told me that he was looking forward to finalizing a deal during Cannes in order to make Sex and the City 3. 
‘It’ll be my final film and my legacy,’ he said.
The news comes after Mr. Turner Mike Leigh director revealed that he would be putting his hat in the ring for the Devil Wears Prada 2
In other development news, first time director Ryan Gosling, confided that his dream project was getting some interest from European backers. Only Fools and Horses Forgive would be a three movie deal, featuring a cast of unlikely wide boys from London who go to Bangkok and get lost. 

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