CANNES -The Studio Exec fact team landed in Cannes on a helicopter and immediately set about facting the fact out of the festival. Here are their 5 FACTS about the Dardennes brothers.

1. Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardennes pretend to be Belgian, because they think its ‘cool’.

2. Before becoming filmmakers, the Dardennes also invented what came to be known as the ‘bicycle’.

3. At the insistence of Jane Campion – Jury President – the Dardennes will be known throughout the course of the fesitval as the Dardennes Sisters, ‘because its funny.’

4. The Dardennes first film was Hell Boy, their only fantasy movie.

5. The Dardennes brothers have won the Palme d’Or 68 times even though there have only been 67 festivals, mainly because they cheat, telling their fellow competitors the wrong address.

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