CANNES – The Foxcatcher is Brent Miller’s hilarious new comedy starring Anchorman star Steve Carrell, Jump Street 22 star Channing Tatum and the Gruffalo’s Mark Ruffalo. It’s a little bit like The Wrestler mixed with Semi-Pro.

Miller is making a reputation for himself with these side-splitting sports comedies, following on from Brad Pitt’s Oscar winning Crazy Zany Money Balls which was released simply as Money Ball.  This ones sees Mr. Burns from The Simpsons pitted against the Hulk and his brother. It’s knock about fun, with some of the most hilariously filmed wrestling scenes since Barton Fink – ‘I Vill Destroy HIM!’

In other news, James McAvoy has confirmed he will be reappearing as Mr. Tumnus in an as yet untitled Narnia spin off.

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