CANNES – ‘RAUUUUUUUUUL’ a voice shouts in the darkness. Followed by a smattering of applause and laughter.

This tradition has been with festival goers since 1974 when an unknown Spanish film critic in the Debussy Theatre, despairing of finding his friend as the lights of the room went down, cried out in horror ‘RAUL!’ 

Now as the lights go down it is common for a lone man to shout the name out. Some variations are allowed. When Harvey Weinstein is here, the lone voice shouts ‘HARVEY!’ for instance. 

What people don’t know however is that the unknown Spanish journalist died that night. The lights were down and Raul hadn’t made his presence clear and as he continued his useless search in the darkness, he stumbled over the balcony and fell to his death, exploding across the cinema goers like a bag of paint filled water melons.

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