CANNES – Ah, the Blue Coat, or Cote d’Azur as the locals insist on calling it. No sooner had I arrived at the airport – via Venice (don’t ask, I won’t tell) – than I was assailed by the sight and smell of film journalists. The sun was blazing and the sea was er… blue. Okay, that’s enough color. 

Nicole Kidman is in town playing Princess Grace of Monaco, which is a tiny principality about six centimeters to the right of here. At the press conference she was asked a lot of guff about whether or not she would choose ‘Love’ over her career. I wanted to yell listen buddy, when the career includes Invasion and The Stepford Wives… but I’ve found it better to not mention movies around Nicole. Just makes the conversation go a lot easier. Plus Grace Kelly didn’t choose love over her career. She chose a career as a Princess over a career as an actress. Different thing altogether. Assholes talk like she was sitting at home making Ranier (Tim Roth) sandwiches for his lunchbox and ironing the royal undies. 

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