HOLLYWOOD – Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame wrote s a wonderful reply to Anthony Hopkins’ fan letter. 

We print it EXCLUSIVELY:
Dear Tony,
Thanks for your kind e-mail. I was in the middle of cooking a fresh batch of Meth when I got it and I was so shocked I knocked over the propane tank and nearly blew the damn lab up!
You seem like a modest, self-deprecating man which is rare and refreshing in this industry. I received a drunken e-mail from Bruce Willis yesterday full of bile and expletives in which he claimed that he should have played Walter White and when they invent a time machine he’s going back to 2007, kick me in the ass and take the role he claims was rightfully his. I got a similar note from Patrick Stewart last week. I used to refer to him as Sir Patrick Stewart but no knight of the realm should have such a wide range of coarse profanity in his vocabulary.
Suffice to say, I rarely receive any compliments from my peers and I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to pat me on the back. It was also kind of you to mention the other members of the cast but I cannot pass on this message to them. Unfortunately, we are no longer in contact and they are, in effect, dead to me. In fact, I walked past Aaron Paul in the street this morning and he attempted to approach me, so I asked my security guard to ensure he didn’t invade my personal space. It might sound cruel but after six years on the show I can no longer stand the sight of him. That’s showbiz I suppose but no harm no foul. Knowing Aaron, he’ll recover from his injuries pretty quickly.
If you are ever in New Mexico, we should hook up and have dinner sometime. I know a great place that serves the best Fava beans and Chianti in the state (Sorry I couldn’t resist) but seriously, just give me a call and I’ll make myself available.
All the best,
The One who Knocks
P.S I f*cking loved you in FreeJack, man.
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