Vladimir Putin

Armagedding out here

Bruce Willis has been blamed by Vladimir Putin for having ‘in some way caused’ the meteorite shower that left hundred wounded. The meteorite flared dramatically in the sky in a region called Chelyabinsk and around 400 people were wounded in resulting explosions.
‘First he comes to Russia and kills people with his horrible snuff film A Good Day to Die Hard,’ said the Russian leader. ‘Then a scene from Armageddon happens right above our heads. Coincidence? I don’t think so.’
Putin’s new best friend Gerard Depardieu agreed: ‘Willis is a menace to Mother Russia. His anti-Russian propaganda was already tasteless and an insult to all true blood Russians such as myself, but then to somehow engineer space rock to fall from the sky as part of his ego trip just sickens me.’
It has been a hard week for Willis who also had the tough job of trying to identify the grammar of the phrase A Good Day to Die Hard to English journalists.

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