BROOKLYN – REVIEW – Soarisie Rohoonan and Domnonanhall Gleeson star with Emory… Sorry I’ll start again.

Saoirse Ronan, Emory Cohen, Domhnall Gleeson, Jim Broadbent and Julie Walters (cut and paste from Wikipedia!) star in Brooklyn, scripted by novelist Nick Hornby, from Colm Tóibín’s book: Brooklyn. Saoirse plays Aish… A… an Irish girl who has decided to emigrate to America because Ireland is full of the bitches, none more so than her boss at the haberdashery Miss Kelly. Her nice sister Rose has arranged everything and she befriends a nice lady on the ship who tells her how to behave in the America, when she gets there. Once settled in the Brooklyn of the title, Eilis (pronounced Ay-lish, [thanks Wikipedia again]) meets up with nice Julie Walters her landlady and the other young ladies, who at first appear to be bitches but are actually nice once you get to know them. A nice priest (Jim Broadbent) helps her out, even paying for her to go to night classes and study to be a book keeper. She meets a nice Italian boy, who quickly falls in love with her, but following a family tragedy she must return to Ireland where she discovers there are more opportunities for her than there once were. Which is nice.

No one gets raped, there’s no sexual abuse of any sort, no violence, nothing gets stolen, nothing blows up, and no one is hurt by falling masonry, there’s hardly even a cross word. Brooklyn is so nice, it’s almost radical in its niceness. Punk!  The past is posited as a better time, when men were chivalrous and priests kindly, and independent young girls with a modicum of spunk could make it. A time when you could use the word spunk without raising an eyebrow! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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