brokeback moountain

HOLLYWOOD – A new remake of the Oscar winning Ang Lee film Brokeback Mountain will be entirely heterosexual, said director Brett Ratner today.

The Hercules director said the film would stay true to the heart of the original.

I’d love to transport that same passion and heartache to a straight relationship. It’s time for heterosexuals to step out of the shadows and make their voices heard.

The original film told the story of two love lorn cowboys played by Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger who contend with their own sexualities and a hostile homophobic society, living out their love affair in secret. Ratner has confirmed that the homophobia will be a less prominent element.

What we were thinking was setting it in San Francisco in a community rich in associations for the LGBT community and where there is some pressure on couples to be gay. Gay police roam the streets forcing gay sex on all who cross their path.

Production will begin in the Fall and casting has already been confirmed. Tom Cruise and Jodie Foster have both signed up.

Straightback Mountain will be released in 2016.

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