SCOTLAND – Respected actor, Brian Cox got the surprise of his life this morning after the global media claimed he had secured the coveted role of Matt Murdoch in the Netflix Daredevilseries:

“I don’t even remember reading the bloody script,” said a confused Cox.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m glad of the work but my agent told me this chap the ‘Daredevil’ jumps off buildings and runs around doing back flips and stuff, so I’m surprised they didn’t hire a younger guy.

Both Marvel and Netflix have yet to comment on Cox’s casting but Peter Travers of Rolling Stone magazine, whose mental health was thrown into doubt recently after he heaped praised upon Bryan Singer’s lacklustre X-Men: Days of Future Past, claimed that Cox is the ideal man for the job:

Cox is a genius just look what he did with the character of Hannibal Lecter. In the first draft of the script he was a Punic Carthaginian commander who marched over the Alps and battled the Romans but Cox played him as a  psychopathic cannibal in contemporary America. Talk about a game changing decision I mean, would Anthony Hopkins have won an Oscar if Cox hadn’t adapted Hannibal so dramatically? There’s no way he would have fit an elephant in that prison cell.

Daredevil is coming to Netflix in 2015.
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