Brendan Fraser

HOLLYWOOD -Today NASA announced that they’ve discovered evidence of Brendan Fraser on Mars.

NASA probe Devious has brought back images that appear to show The Mummy star Brendan Fraser on the Martian surface. The actor best known for the Mummy films as well as Gods and Monsters and George of the Jungle was thought to only exist on the planet Earth but an ambitious NASA project sought to find evidence of the actor in other parts of the solar system. Project leader Tim Elton told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

We had a feeling Brendan would be found on Mars but we didn’t dare to hope. Devious was designed to detect Vincent Gallo originally, but a public outcry raised at the prospect of success meant that we had to recalibrate.

Although it is unclear how Brendan Fraser got to Mars, whether he travelled there or evolved independently, the best theory is that Brendan Fraser might have gone there for pies.

The Rock is currently doing all the scripts Brendan Fraser would have been doing.

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