HOLLYWOOD – The countdown to the release of Twilight: Breaking Dawn: Part Two has started and Bill Condon, the director has spoken for the first time about how radically different the film will be to the Stephenie Meyer book: ‘The fans are going to shit their pants.’

‘We followed the book really closely in the other films,’ said Condon, whose previous credits include the marvellous Kinsey and Gods and Monsters. ‘The problem is all the fans have read the books and know what’s going to happen, so we thought this is the last one let’s just go hog wild.’

Although Condon fought shy of giving too many details, he made flying space ships gestures and machine guns sounds with his mouth and then some tap dancing, and then huge explosions. One thing Condon was clear about: ‘There’ll be a lot less of all that Edward and Bella and Jacob bullshit,’ said Condon. ‘That stuff got old fast.’

Fans can make up their own minds about the new direction when the film comes out in mid-November.

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