NEW MEXICO – Breaking Bad has hoisted itself to ‘the best thing on television’ shelf with an explosive final season that still has some way to go yet.

But many viewers have been left confused or will have only decided to start watching now that everyone is talking about it so here is our Studio Exec Who’s Who of all episodes up until episode 14 of Season 4. Spoilers included. 
So …

  • Walter White is this chemistry teacher with cancer who decides to deal meth, uses an old student to help him, cooks and sells meth, watches a girl die without intervening, murders some people, has someone else murder some people, poisons a kid, lies to his family, abuses his wife, coerces his wife into helping him, destroys his family, has his brother-in-law (who is a DEA officer) killed, has his erstwhile partner and pals around with Nazis.
  • Skyler White (Walter’s wife) is the villain of the piece. 

Breaking Bad screens on AMC or is available for illegal download pretty much anywhere. 

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