NEW MEXICO – Following the news earlier today that AMC have just green lit Better Call Saul comes the unexpected news that a second Breaking Bad spin off Smiler Skyler is also in the works. 

Anna Gunn will star in the prequel as Skyler White, Walter’s (Bryan Cranston) long suffering wife and will show her as a savvy business woman and home maker, before Walt got in the meth cooking business. The official studio synopsis reads:

Skyler White is an intelligent woman with a big heart and a fierce need to protect her family, through thick and thin. Watch as she dreams of one day owning a car wash. Gasp as she goes with Walt to Walt Jr’s PTA meetings. Laugh as she and Walter go to Hank and Marie’s house dressed as the Addams Family. No matter what life throws at them, this was a happier time… when Skyler smiled.

Fans have greeted the news with weak displays of half hearted okayishness and Vince Gilligan has denied any involvement.

Smiler Skyler will air early in 2014. 

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