HOLLYWOOD Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan confirmed this morning that he is currently writing a spin-off to the popular AMC show based on the character of deceased Crystal Meth kingpin Gustavo Fring.

“I wanted to do something different” said an animated Gilligan

But every time I sat down to write I kept thinking about Gustavo and what a great character he was. Originally I thought about going down the science fiction road. His disembodied head would be reanimated by a mad scientist who wants to take over the Meth business Walt leaves behind when he is taken up by the Aliens in the mother ship at the end of Breaking Bad. The scientists aim was for Fring’s head to act in an advisory capacity but of course, Gus being Gus, he eventually ends up running the show. I liked the idea but the more I wrote the more I realised I was going to need a 200 million dollar budget to make it work and I wanted to work on a smaller scale. It was then I decided to do a prequel and base the show on the adventures of a young Gustavo and how he first got into the chicken and drugs business.

Asked whether Giancarlo Esposito would be reprising his role Gilligan smiled.

“There’s no Gustavo Fring without Giancarlo”said Gilligan. 

It’s his role and it wouldn’t be the same without him but that doesn’t mean he is the only actor we have in mind. Giancarlo could get away with playing the character in his 30’s and beyond but for the flashback scenes of him as a much younger man we need another guy and we think we’ve found the perfect candidate. Zac Efron. Now I know some will consider that to be a controversial choice but let me put it this way. Giancarlo is an African American born in Denmark and Gus is from Chile so there is no reason why a white guy from California can’t also play him. Zac is very talented he’s spent the last month working in a KFC to prepare for the role and has already been promoted to the fries section. 

Episode one of ‘Fring’ is due to air on AMC in 2015
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