Toast, wheat-germ, yoghurt, orange juice, kiwi fruit, snot. 

Golden Glober, actress, director and Mel Gibson’s last friend, Jodie Foster agreed to an EXCLUSIVE  interview with Studio Exec on the condition we did not bring up her sexuality or any issues relating to her private life.

So you’re gay?

I already did my coming out about a thousand years ago back in the Ice Age. 

I didn’t know you were in Ice Age. Who did you play? 

I was a fragile girl and I came out to my friends and my family and gradually to everyone I knew. You see the thing is there is so much intolerance in this world. People should not be judged on their sexuality, religion or race. As my good friend Mel Gibson once said, ‘We’re all assholes in the dark.’

You’ve made many wonderful films and worked with some great directors. Who do you think was the best?
Phew. Good question. Glad we finished with all that stuff about my private life. It’s a relief. I mean these days we’re just so obsessed with what really is no one’s business. Whatever you do between consenting adults is entirely up to you. Enough already with the prying and the exposure. As I said in my speech that was televised to millions of viewers around the world, I am not Honey Boo Boo. 

But the director who…?

Oh yes… well. The director of Little Man Tate taught me a lot. 

Which was you?

Yeah well, I taught myself a lot. I learned that deep in the sanctity of my life, my inner being if you will, there is something precious that needs protecting. Regrets for instance.

Is there anything you regret in your career?


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