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HOLLWOOD – Newlywed chick magnet Brad Pitt has began work on his next project, a biopic of the much maligned pop singer Robin Thicke.


Loosely based on the 1972 classic crime thriller The Harder They Come starring Jimmy Cliff. The Thicker They Come charts Thicke’s gruelling journey from the affluent LA suburbs to a slightly more affluent gated community.

“ I get a lot of rags to riches scripts but very few riches to riches,” said a punctual Pitt.

Personally I loved Blurred Lines, it has a beat and you can dance to it but one day I was playing it when the kids were around and Angelina walked in. She’s a scary lady at the best of times but she went batshit crazy and started ranting about how it was sexist. I said “Yeah, it’s a sexy song, so what?” Shortly after that she hit me in the face with a frying pan.

Pitt went on to say that he’d recently spent some time with Thicke:

Yeah, I’ve spent the last month with Robin. I wanted to copy his mannerisms and get to know him as a person. It was great, we spent a lot of time outdoors hanging around in dark alleys and near picnic spots. He’s such a prankster we’d hide there until a woman walked by and he’d jump out and try and scare her. It was hilarious!

Asked if he was worried that the backlash against Thicke would tarnish his own image, Pitt shook his head:

Look. I think Robin is just a nice, misunderstood guy and hopefully the film we are making will change the public’s perception of him. Sure he has few issues when it comes to women but let’s be honest, who doesn’t? As for these ‘Feminists’, all I can say is we live in the land of the free and America does not negotiate with feminists.

The Thicker They Come is due for release in 2015

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