HOLLYWOOD – Last night Oscar winning film producer and actor Brad Pitt revealed that he had been diagnosed with an allergy to cats. 

‘I’m slightly allergic to cats,’ the Fight Club star stated bravely.

If there’s a cat in the room, I get a runny nose and my eyes go red. I’ve probably been allergic since I was a kid but I’m generally not around cats. Anyway I went for a check up recently and they did a general allergy test and it turned out I was allergic to cats and some kinds of pollen.

When asked how he would cope he boldly joked, ‘I’m just going to avoid cats.’

The Cat Resource Allergy People – who refuse to have an acronym – told the Studio Exec that:

Cat allergies are fairly common and most of the time in no way serious. A mild discomfort can ensue and preventative measures can be taken. It is good that such a high profile case will bring attention to what is essentially a trival problem and that money will be diverted from Cancer research into cat allergy research.

Brad Pitt is 50 years old.

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