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HOLLYWOOD – Paul Greengrass has confirmed that ‘Bourne Free’ will be the title of the latest Bourne movie.

“While I was looking for inspiration for the script, one night I caught that great lion film ‘Born Free’ on Netflix,” said Greengrass:

It’s about these animal rights activists that raised a lion cub, and I thought to myself, These animals should be protected and I know a guy who could do it.

‘Bourne Free’ will feature Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) working as an animal conservationist in Kenya.

“He’s grown a beard and is living peacefully in a small hut in the wilderness,” said Greengrass:

Then one day a dentist from Minnesota kills his favourite lion and Jason vows to avenge its death. He takes the guy out with a bow and arrow but that’s just the beginning. He wants every big game hunter to pay for their crimes and so, with the help of Tim Tom, his loveable but vicious Zulu sidekick, Bourne sets out to wreak a bloody revenge.

Animal rights campaigners have already praised the script, especially Ricky Gervais, who has offered to cover the famous Matt Monro song ‘Born Free,’ which will be heard over the opening titles.

Meanwhile, the producer of the James Bond franchise, Barbara Broccoli, is negotiating with Greengrass for 007 to make an appearance in the film, but according to her, virtually every action star in Hollywood wants in on the action:

I know for a fact that Sylvester Stallone is talking about bringing back Rambo for a cameo. Trophy hunters are like the Russians in the 1980s—every actor just wants to kill one on screen and get paid scale for doing it. Hell, Steven Segal offered to pay me for the role!

Bourne Free will be released in 2016

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