NAIROBI – Plans to remake Born Free – the 1966 film about the raising of lion cub Elsa by Joy and George Adamson in a Kenya reservation – have been in the pipeline for well over forty years, but it looks that Michael Mann is the … well … man for the job. But he is introducing differences which might upset fans of the original.
The LA Takedown director said:

Jesus Christ, I love animals. Big ones, small ones. I love ’em. I was in line to direct Noah and then that asshole Aronofsky got in ahead of me. 

The first film was based on a book and a true story that featured the actual protagonists, now sadly no longer with us, how do you plan to recreate the story?

What I want to do is be true to the spirit of the original, so the first thing that has to go is the lions. They’re too dangerous. They scare fifty shades of living color out of me. So we’re going to change them to monkeys. I mean, who doesn’t love a monkey? 

But won’t that… doesn’t that change everything?

Does it? Yeah, I suppose. What? Everyone loves monkeys. We’re going to put them in glasses and make them really funny. 

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