Friday 5 June 2020
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LONDON – Eighties quiz show Blockbusters to play in selected cinemas.

A four episode anthology of the popular British quiz show Blockbusters comes to UK cinemas on December 5th.

The move comes following the massive success of the screening of episodes of Friends in theaters. The popular quiz show was inspired by an American version of the same name. However, whereas the US version featured adults, the UK edition involved teenagers. Producers aimed the show squarely at the after school market.

Tony Chappearo – head of ruining cinemas – told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

Many of those kids who loved Blockbusters are now comfortably into middle age and they like nothing more than going to the cinema to watch something that makes them bathe in the dregs of their own diseased nostalgia.

The show challenges the general knowledge of contestants as that have to cross a board, answering questions with the clue of the initial letter already given. A fantastic theme tune and an avuncular host made the show very popular as it aired originally for a decade on ITV, which is basically a cheaper version of the BBC. It originally aired from 1983 to 1993. The episodes available on the big screen chart the entire span of the show.

Bob Holness, the original host, won’t be attending the premier as he died seven years ago.

Blockbusters comes to UK cinemas on December 5th.

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