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LONDON – This summer the BFI are programming a whole season of films inspired by the music and lyrics of British post-punk band The Fall, led by Mark E. Smith.

Seven films will be shown at the BFI on London’s South Bank from June the 19th to June the 29th, 2015, comprising some obscure works that took as their titles song lyrics from the musical opus of the Manchester based band. Programmer Nathanial Bisculo spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec:

Very few people know about these films because of a kind of collective curse. But throughout the 80s and 90s, it became chic for every film director of any kind of international reputation to make what became known as their ‘The Fall’ film.

The season kicks off with Roland Joffe’s Spoilt Victorian Child, a period drama starring Helena Bonham Carter as Adeline, the titular Nineteenth Century brat who comes of age in an era of covered table legs and incipient prostitution. A commercial and critical disaster the film is no longer available on DVD and so the rare print that the BFI acquired will offer the rarest of occasions to view this lost classic. Roman Polanski’s black comedy set in a deserted British seaside town – actually filmed in Stockport – British People in Hot Weather, features a wonderful performance by Donald Pleasance as the Punch and Judy man, who goes on a murderous rampage. Eat Y’Self Fitter was made my David Lynch between Blue Velvet and Wild at Heart but because it ran into trouble with censors, this Nicolas Cage starring tale of auto-cannibalism never saw the light of day. Martin Scorsese’s Hip Priest along with Sofia Coppola’s Code Selfish with be shown as a double bill, both films having been saved by annihilation by the personal intervention of the British Prime Minister David Cameron, who rates The Fall as almost as good as Chris Rhea.

This Nation’s Saving Grace: The Films and The Falll will take place at London’s Southbank from June the 19th to the 29th, 2015. Biscuits will be made available.

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