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HOLLYWOOD – Oscar winner and Knight Bachelor of the British Empire Sir Ben Kingsley today admitted that he is  a dog fighting addict.

The Gandhi star, Ben Kingsley, told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

I know it is indefensible, but the rush of blood that I get when I see two canines, with razor sharp teeth, goaded by large men in black bomber jackets in a derelict industrial waste site in South East Wales, snarling and snapping and fighting to the death… I mean winning the Oscar for Gandhi was a high, but this is higher.

The Mandarin confessed that his love of dog fighting started while he was researching his role as foul mouthed gangster Don Logan in 2000’s Sexy Beast.

It was a way of entering into the mind of Don and the idiom that he inhabits. But once the film was made and I usually shrug off the character like an old coat, I found myself at the docks watching two pit bulls savage each other while I bayed like a frenzied animal myself.

Kingsley confessed that he had been seeking aid from an RSPCA group dedicated to helping Dog Fight Addicts to ween themselves off the habit. A spokesperson for the group said that ‘Sir Ben is a welcome member of the group and is sincere in his wish to do away with this horrific form of entertainment. He has also regaled us with many an amusing anecdote from the worlds of stage and screen.’

Love of dog fighting has also been a traditional trait of the ex-pats actors’ club the Jolly Bastards, who many blame for spreading riotous and immoral behavior among the finest thespians, including Charles Dance, Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch. Kingsley was a member of the club for a couple of years in the early eighties but turned whistle-blower after Alan Rickman murdered a dolphin for a jape.

Sir Ben Kingsley will be seen in 2015 in The Jungle Book. 

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  1. Just because they’re actors doesn’t mean they’re above the law! If they’ve admitted to any form of animal abuse or cruelty, they should be sentenced accordingly!! Make an example out of them!! Makes me sick!!

  2. This isn’t even remotely funny. Just a bottom feeding out of ideas hack writer trying to get a little attention. Don’t quit your day job as a hack copy writer, the deodorant industry needs you.

  3. How absolutely horrendous! Hang your head in shame! I will never watch another film/play that you are in. I am beyond horrified!

  4. This is supposed to be satire, but unfortunately is not even remotely amusing, therefore making it libelous crap. Two minutes wasted that i will never get back.

  5. You should be ashamed of yourself! These dogs don’t deserve to live a life being torn up and killed fighting because of the ignorance of humans. Dog fighting is animal cruelty at its worsest! Anyone involved needs to be prosecuted even if they are actors.

    1. I wouldn’t call it an addiction to dog fighting, I’d call it an addiction the cruel violence against those who have no choice or voice. I also will NEVER watch a movie, play, commercial even, that you’re in as I find those who would do this, participate in, and on top of it, ENJOY such horror to be one of the lowest forms of life. You like violence so much, go fight a person, you coward. Innocent dogs are NOT here for your sick form of entertainment. You belong in jail with anyone else who would arrange or participate in, dog fighting and I hope they make an example of you.

  6. I get that it’s supposed to be satirical,but you’ve failed to be amusing and laughing at dog fighting and trivialising it is ridiculous,and if I were Ben Kingsley I would have you in court!!!

  7. I am so dissapointed in you. Too bad you didn’t keep the Gandhi qualities instead of a thug. So many of us, actors a and non actors a admire you. If you got help and changed you could turn this around and help end the abuse. Please try.

  8. If this is true, I am so disappointed! You are a good actor but you are not a nice human. How would you feel if someone put you fight with other people and eat their meat? Shame on you

  9. Well that proves films lie because is is a evil man and Gandhi would not give him the time of day

  10. This could not possibly be less funny. If this is your idea of satire, there is something wrong with you.

  11. I will never watch another movie that has him in it!! Disgusting excuse for a human being!! 19 point though for admitting you the an arsehole!

  12. I’m sorry but I simply can’t bring myself to believe this is legitimate. Someone is getting their jollies messin’ with celebrities. Sir Ben Kingsley is too respectable and civilized to even think about involvement in such a hateful, barbaric activity.

  13. Disgusting & disgraceful! !!!!!! Id like one of those dogs to put their razor sharp teeth into you & anyone else who attends, trains or has anything to do with dog fighting! I would put you rotten people to sleep!

  14. We do not trust the reports in media anymore these days. If it is true and Kingsley needs a hangman…

    Will be an orgasmic pleasure to relieve him from his addiction

  15. If this is true then these people need to be locked up with the key thrown away for the safety of others. because it has been established that these sort of people practice on dogs first then go to people. It would be justice if we could put them in a ring with another one of their kind and let them fight to the death. See if they get an adrenalin rush then. . Just because they are actors they think they can get away with such deviate behavior

  16. Okay, if you go to the “about” page on this site they do say they publish “spoof” articles, but I will say, even if this is a joke, it’s in VERY poor taste. Other articles on the site are obviously fake, so I’m going to assume this one is, too. But, again, done in very poor taste.

  17. It’s simple just hang the bastard! Or put him in a ring and let the dogs tear his ugly ass apart

  18. Guys this is a parody site. It even says so “The World’s Number 1 Film, Comedy, Parody and Satire Site”

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