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LONDON – Sir Ben Kingsley has finally signed on to play the coveted role of fashion icon David Gandy in Jonathan Glazer’s long-awaited biopic, Gandy.

Kingsley, who turned down the opportunity to star in a production of King Lear at the National Theatre in order to play Gandy, has been shadowing the supermodel for the last month to prepare for the role.

“He’s an exceptional man, ” said Sir Ben:

Many people think David is just some himbo in a pair of underpants but the bloke is a visionary. After spending so much time with him recently I can honestly say that his modelling has the potential to improve the lives of every man, woman and child on the planet.

Kingsley went onto say he has been hitting the gym hard in order achieve the physical perfection Gandy is renown for:

It’s been tough. I’ve had to cut down on the cider and fags but David has been a lot of help. We spend a couple of hours training and then we massage each other with oil and have a bit of a wrestle. It’s surprisingly liberating feeling the weight of another man’s balls sliding across your back.

Meanwhile social media is bubbling with rumours about who will play the other key roles in the movie. Helen Mirren is thought to be the number one choice to play Cara Delevingne and Maggie Smith is the clear favourite to tackle the role of Kate Moss.

Gandy is due for release in 2016

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