After the award success of ARGO. Ben Affleck has decided to embark on a quest to become the first man to go around the world in 80 days powered by nothing but his own ego.

Affleck’s self propelled giant head will be appearing over every major capital city in the world and fans are already excited about catching a glimpse of their favourite actor.

I love Ben Assflick “ said Tokyo postal worker Yoshiru Tanaka. “ He big hero in Japan. My favourite movie is To the Wonder. That Terrence Malick, ha-ha, he a crazy guy!.

Although it is expected Affleck will make his global voyage without incident. Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad has warned him not to stray into his countries airspace.

It is for his own protection we don’t think for a moment that Affleck is a danger to our nations security “ said a diplomatic al-Assad. “ However many of our people still remember Gigli and therefore it’s safe to assume that gunfire and surface to air missiles will be aimed in his direction”.

This is the second time an actor has attempted such a feat. After his Oscar nomination for The Hurt Lockerin 2008, Jeremy Renner’s head managed to make it as far Wisconsin but it deflated after he heard he had missed out on a BAFTA.

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